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Ohio ghost town Ruggles Center Ashland County history travel abandonedRuggles Center, OH - (1820's - present farming town abandoned over time)

Location: Ruggles Township, Ashland County - On U.S. 224 at the intersection of Ohio Rt. 60

Classification: semi - ghost town

Ruggles Center was settled in 1823 by Daniel Beach (1785 - 1862) & his wife Lorinda Beach (1788 - 1856) who were farmers from Connecticut & had five children. Daniel was a veteran of the War Of 1812 & became a justice of the peace in Ruggles Township. The township was named after the land surveryor Almon Ruggles (1771 - 1840), also from Connecticut.

The town was originally in Huron County but split from it in 1846 to make part of Ashland County. Ruggles Center had a grocery store, blacksmith shop, shoe maker, two churches, two doctors, & a school. It also had a train station on the Cleveland, Columbus, & Cincinnati Railroad, & a post office that ran from 1828 - 1904. In 1878 Charles Crittenden (1845 - 1932) built the Castle Hill Crittenden House that still sits on U.S. 224 about .5 miles west of U.S. 250. It's currently on the National Register Of Historic Places.

The one room schoolhouse which was in operation prior to 1900 was moved across the street from it's original location & is on U.S. 224 in the middle of town. Daniel & Lorinda Beach are buried in the Ruggles Township Cemetery on U.S. 224 with many other early families. There's also lots of other old buildings, barns, & structures around Ruggles Center.