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We research, explore, & promote the preservation of the coolest ghost towns & historical locations in Ohio! Our group also goes on several road trips every year to discover what's physically left of them. The interactive google maps below the town descriptions are best viewed on satellite mode. If you're planning a trip & need more info or have any other questions, message us through the Contact Info page, email to ohioghosttowns@gmail.com or find us on Facebook. Everyone is welcome to message us on there & post pictures & videos of anything historical or paranormal around Ohio. We also accept research requests for towns that aren't already on our list & can assist with getting started on genealogy & working through roadblocks.

Some of our group members & website fans are interested in the potential for paranormal activity at the locations but it's a small percentage of the massive research that we do. The listings usually start with the founding of the towns & genealogy of those involved, then moves on to the town's heyday, & ends with what's still there today. We don't do any private home or indoor paranormal investigations, just at some of the ghost towns & outdoor locations that are widely reported to be haunted. There's links to traditional paranormal groups on our Research Resources page.

This website & our other online pages are a treasure trove of info for history buffs, ghost hunters, genealogists, metal detector enthusiasts, & anyone in Ohio that's looking for different than usual things to check out & do. Most of the info is really neat Buckeye history we unfortunately were never taught about school. Breaking the state down by counties, we're hoping to eventually have listings & pictures for all 88 of them. The towns are also categorized into 4 classifications: ghost towns, semi - ghost towns, historical communities, & small towns. We prefer to research & explore completely abandoned towns but during our travels over the years we've discovered that almost every town has at least a little bit of a ghost town within it.

One of the best ways to learn about history is to go where it happened. The people that lived in some of the towns are long gone but the stories continue to be told through the buildings & items that were left behind.

Company Motto & Favorite Quote: "Hold this rope & pull me out if I start screaming." 




Ohio ghost town Oreton Vinton County history travel abandonedPlease take as many precautions as possible when exploring ghost towns & abandoned places. It can be a dangerous hobby at times with many different ways to get injured. Also always get permission to enter unoccupied buildings & houses on private property or at any location that isn't completely abandoned.

*Some Things To Keep In Mind While Exploring* 

- You Can Never Be Too Prepared -

Many of the locations listed on this website are out in the middle of nowhere & a long way from main roads & hospitals. Carefully examine your trip route, make sure your vehicle is roadworthy, & take everything you might need to be prepared for any travel or exploring emergency. Some suggested items are: at least a small medical kit, extra flashlights, water, snacks, a cell phone, compass, & maps of your planned destination. 

- Rough Terrain & Dangerous Indoor Environments - 

Watch every step you take especially when going off trail & be mindful of any potential hazards. Don't go anywhere that might be harder to get out of than it is to get in. Look for landmarks, the easiest ways back to a main trail, & make sure you know the way back to your vehicle at all times. 

- Take Warning Signs Seriously -

Don't venture beyond any no trespassing or warning signs, do not enter, dangerous area, & closed trail signs at any location. It's disappointing running into them at cool places sometimes but they really are there for your safety. On top of the possibility of injury, you could ticketed & fined or even arrested.

- Encountering Wildlife & Vegetation -

Snakes, bees, spiders, & animals love ghost towns & abandoned buildings too, so do sticker bushes & poison ivy. Keep an eye out for any signs of life, be careful when moving plants or objects, & watch where you place your hands & feet. Also always wear pants or jeans & durable shoes or boots.

- Being A Respectful & Responsible Explorer -

Give respect to all public & private property. Many of the places on this website have historical values that can not be replaced. Leave them the same or better than when you got there. Take a garbage bag when visiting ghost towns or cemeteries & pick up any trash you find. We don't expect anyone to clean up an entire location themselves but any bit helps & every bag counts.

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