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We research, explore, & promote the preservation of the coolest ghost towns & historical places in Ohio. Our group also makes several trips a year to discover what's physically left of them. It's how we learn about our state's history & the people that lived through it. The interactive google maps below the town descriptions are best viewed on satellite mode. If you're planning a trip & would like more info or have any other questions, send us a message through the contact page. We also accept research requests for towns that aren't already on our list. Our group is interested in the potential for paranormal activity at some of the locations but that's a small percentage of the massive research that we do. It usually starts with the founding of the towns & some genealogy of those involved, then moves on the the town's heyday, & ends with what's still there today. We don't do private home investigations right now, just a few small scale ones at some of the ghost towns & historical locations that are widely reported to be haunted. This website & our other online pages are a treasure trove of info for history buffs, ghost hunters, & anyone in Ohio that's looking for the different than usual things to check out & do.

One of the best ways to learn about history is to go where it happened. The people that lived in some of the towns are long gone but the stories continue to be told through the buildings & items that were left behind.

Company Motto & Favorite Quote: "Hold this rope & pull me out if I start screaming." 

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Cool History & Things To Do In Ohio!

Check out the Abandoned Magazine! It features some of our best research & is available at:

Swing by Uncle Buck's Riding Stable & Dance Barn on Buck Ln. (Robinette Ridge Rd.) off of Rt. 356 in Vinton Co. near Moonville!
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Visit the Straitsville Special Moonshine Distillery, the first legal one in Ohio! It's at 105 W Main St. New Straitsville, OH 43766 The state stores the shine is currently available at are - Athens, Nelsonville, Logan, Giant Eagle in Lancaster, New Lexington, Crooksville, Winerak in Zanesville and Krogers in Grove City.
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